It's time to GO!

Next Friday the 12th of October is my last day at Knott Avenue Christian Church.
Liz, Shelby (our youngest) and I will be moving to Globe Arizona to work with 3:18 Ministries. We are starting a new season in our lives, ministering to the Apache people.
This got me to thinking about the last 14 years at Knott Ave.
I was setting up the Fellowship Hall for "Young @ Heart", our seniors ministry, when the World Trade centers came down on September, 11 2001.
I remember the weeks when Alan was on vacation and I worked almost 21 straight days, no fun there I can tell you.
I can remember the first week I started working as Mike's assistant. During our Community Assistance, I sat and spoke with a woman who needed a place to stay. She and her infant daughter were going to be on the street. I thought, how can I not help her? When I asked, I was told that we didn't have any money or way to help her. I had to tell her that we couldn't help. But all I heard running around my head was, "You have to sleep in the bushes tonight." I know that isn't what I told her or what I was saying, but that's what I heard in my head. Crying, I told Mike I can't do this. He said next time I wouldn't have to talk to any women with small children. The next week Mike wasn't there so I had to sit and talk to everyone. You guessed it I had to tell another woman we couldn't help her. When we were done talking and I told her how sorry I was she was reassuring me that things would be OK.
I have a ton of stories from the last 14 years and I think they could fill a book. So I want to leave you with one more story. A story that will always make me smile.
I met a man named David "Cowboy" Hervert way back in 2000. He was homeless and living behind a dumpster. As the years went by Mike was able to baptise him. Then he started to get sick. We didn't know what was wrong. A homeless man with no insurance has little chance of getting better. Plus he was pretty stubborn and didn't "need" any ones help. As you can see by the picture to the right he ended up losing both of his legs. And in 2009 he passed away.
You may be saying how on earth does that make you smile? Well...
Liz and I went to the convalescent home he was in right after the third of multiple amputations. Actually I think this picture is from that time. His right leg was cut off above the knee and his left was cut off below the knee. The doctors told him if they couldn't get the infection under control that he would have to amputate more. Dave said, "I hope they cut off the left one up higher, 'Cause this looks stupid!" Right then he lifted his body up with his arms and started to wiggle his legs. Liz, Cowboy and I laughed. That's why I smile.
So on Monday October 22 Liz, Shelby and I will drive a moving truck to Globe, Arizona.
We will have a bunch of new stories to tell.
I hope you will join us on this journey. You are all welcome.
In Him,

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Miss you all already!